Hey Everyone, my name is Kat.

Welcome to my closet of fashion. Anyone who knows me or has seen me around knows that I have a deep passion for a unique sense of style. I am a true believer that fashion is so much more than what you wear. Its about charisma, character, personality and who you truly are on the inside. But growing up wasn't always about the bright colors and big hair for me. I had a very hard time as kid with my self esteem being that I never felt beautiful or that I was even good enough. I hid behind my pain very well, pretending to be tough and strong. Until one day, I broke down and asked God “Why?”. I mean, He’s the one who created me right? I asked him questions which really revealed to me why I felt the way I felt. Did he answer, NOPE! But what I felt at that very moment was priceless. What I felt was a sense of comfort and peace come over me. From that moment, I began to look in the mirror and examine myself, looking at every part of me and knowing that I am a MASTERPIECE!!!

With this new found confidence that God blessed me with and the unique sense of fashion that I’ve effortlessly created, I wanted to start this blog and website to inspire both men and women to have a better understanding that


Its about what you create and your ability to create it freely. On a weekly basis you can expect fashion testimonials, how to be chic on a budget, get up close and personal with other fashion bloggers, whats in my closet, hairstyle tips, makeup tricks and MORE. So come and journey with me in the never ending walk in my closet.

 Style Is A Way To Say Who You Are Without Having To Speak -Rachel Zoe