Let's Spark this 4th of July


I'm so excited for this 4th of July. This is one of the first times where I actually feel patriotic as far as attire. I decided to do some research on the American flag. I mean, let's be honest.

Do you actually remember the meaning behind the American flag? If you do, you must have payed attention in school or it's either you have a great memory. As for me, I can't quite remember. I won't bore you with to much details but these are some of the things that stood out to me. The color WHITE signifies purity and innocence. The RED signifies hardiness & and great courage in the face of danger. The BLUE, signifies being the action or state of being real careful as you watch for any danger or difficulty. It means being "steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. It also means justice.  "The STARS: symbol of the heavens and the diving goal to which man has aspired from time immemorial; the stripe is symbolic of the rays of light emanating from the sun" Isn't this a depiction of who we are as a people? Think about it! Are you not watchful in the friends that you surround yourself with? Are you not protective of the ones you love? Do you not seek justice for peace in the midst of turmoil? Are you not strong despite of the mountains you may have to climb? YES, we are ALL these thing because NO MATTER what attack comes our way as a nation, as a people WE STAND STRONGin the midst of it all!

Blazer: Thrift store
Top: Discovery Clothing store
Jeans: Target
Shoes: These were a gift. You can comment below and I can find out more information