Happy Holidays


I love the Holiday season!!!! For some, this is where the most time is spent with family and friends and then for some not so much. This season is a reminder of who God is and what he means to me in my life. It's also a time where we tend to reflect on dreams, achievements, and even failures. I must say, this 2016 has been a preparation year of what's to come. I can't wait to unleash the dreams and visions that will be birthed for the next season of my life. While your preparing for the new year remember first impression is everything. In this post I'm wearing a sheer long sleeve shirt, paired with greenish/goldish pants with some heels. This look to me is really simple but it's the print (pant) & texture (top & statement piece) that makes it different.

I'm so pumped for the new year! Are you??? I'm so excited to hear what's in store for you this season.


Top: Discovery

Pant: Forever 21

Shoes: Barefeet

Neck lace: Aldo

Earrings: Adriana Bijoux