Forever Moi

What I love about Fashion? 

What I love the most about fashion is the ability to be free to express whatever I want, without having to say much. Being able to piece or place whatever I want on this body without having to think twice about who likes it or not. Being able to be confident both inside and out. Fashion to me is not ALWAYS about having the most expensive items, or even the latest apparel, but is also about who you are. Having the ability to pin point what drives and motivate you to wear whatever you want to wear? Some folks only wear black....there's nothing wrong with wearing black, however, psychologically the color sends out either of these thoughts, "Elegance, Class, Get Away, Edge, or I'm Hiding" depending on how you're feeling. 

I'm wearing black for this look and today, I was feeling a little fierce, edgy, and spunky. Just check out the liner and you can just tell. What I love the most about this look, is being able to be versatile with it. From heels to sneakers. From class to edge. Adding a denim jacket to any outfit to me, gives it more of an edge, that is what I did here. I hope you enjoy this post. Scroll all the way down to see details on this look.....

Top: Discovery

Skirt: Custom made

Tank: (undershirt) Forever 21

Jewelry: Adriana Accessory Store

Shoes: Discovery Clothing Store

Sneakers:Craig's list (Jordans 11's)

Socks: Discovery