King's Kid

Disclaimer: This post is a little different!

I am a King's Kid! I am a King's kid in the way I speak, in the way I live (I'm far from perfect), and in the way I dress. What I love about being a King's kid is that my father (GOD) never lacks anything. Whatever I need, he gives me, as long as it is good for me. Even when it's not good, he allows me to see why I couldn't have that very thing I thought I needed at the time.

I am a King's Kid because even in my darkest times my father seems to cultivate those hidden values to prepare me to become a daughter of a King. Even when I felt like an underdog in the eyes of the world, he was working behind the scenes to develop me into his kid. 

We are King's kids clothed in his righteousness! We are daughters and sons of the King. It's all about discovering it. 

The Rendezvous is a meeting place (a church) where we dance, sing, worship, and learn about God. But for me, its not just a church, It's my home. I've never been at a place where I was able to express myself and my sense of fashion freely without judgment. You really come as you are. At the Rendezvous, we are currently in one of the dopest series called, "King's Kid". Check out the link below to watch previous sermons, or visit if you live locally. 

Trinity Church Miami 

17801 NW 2nd Ave

Miami, FL 33169


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