Ladies! No matter where you may find yourself be confident and embrace where you are right now. I have the opportunity to speak with so many Beautiful women when styling and of course there’s always something that we don’t like. YES it’s a struggle when u have extra rolls here and there, YES it’s a struggle when you’re not at your ideal weight, YES it’s a struggle when everything jiggles, or your not firm enough and blah blah blah.........TRUST ME I get it. However, there’s always room to work on those areas. Working out, making healthier food choices, sleeping, etc....You have the POWER to make a change in those areas. 

I say all of that to say this, begin speaking life into those areas as oppose to speaking death. Yes you may not like it, but it won’t be there for long. Embrace the extra areas you’re not so happy about while your in the process of changing it. Switch your perspective!!! How are you going to change something you continue to speak negatively about? Girl keep saying, “I’m too fat” and watch that fat stick right to you no matter how many burpees you continue to do. Keep saying, “I’m too skinny” and the more and more you think about it the more weight you continue to loose cause you’re over here stressing.

I LOVE YOU but we have to do better as women. We have to build our confidence LEVEL ⬆️⬆️⬆️, So that way when someone does say something to the way you look, it’s does SHAKE OR BREAK YOU and have you questioning yourself. You already know you’re a baddie so it doesn’t phase you! And if you’re reading this.....YOU’RE A BADDIE!!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!! I’m here if you need any inspiration or just an ear to talk about the areas you’re not happy with. But once you’re done it’s time to get up and make that change. I won’t allow you to stay in your pity! Sorry y’all! It’s all out of love!!! ❤️😘😍💕❤️




Outfit Details:

I basically mixed and matched everything that was in my closet. All items I’ve previously worn in other post.