Blush Rush!!!


Blush Rush!!!! I was never really a fan of pink. Growing up as a tomeboy, that was like a big no no. It was just a color you didn't wear. As I began to mature into accepting the fact that I was a girl becoming a woman, I began to embrace it. For me, there is just something about the color pink. "Pink is the color of happiness and sometimes seen as lighthearted". Makes perfect sense as to why I hated the color!! I hated the color because I didn't want to be seen as someone who was weak, friendly, and even girly. It has been said that the brighter the pink, the more fun, youthful, and exciting the color brings. The more vibrant the pink the more sensual and passionate the color can be without being too aggressive. The lighter the pink, it is associated more with romance and the blush of a young woman's cheeks.

Pink around the globe has so much meaning. For one, it symbolizes hope and awareness for the fight against breast cancer. In the Japanese culture, the color has a masculine association. It is said to represent young warriors who fell in battle in their prime of life. I'm pretty sure there's tons and tons of meaning of pink, I've just listed a few.

Fun fact: Some studies of the color pink suggest that male weight lifters seem to lose strength in pink rooms, while woman weight lifters tend to become stronger around the color.

Spring season is right around the corner...why not soften your color palette and Rush into Blush this coming season!

Shirt: Discovery
Jumper: Discovery
Shoes: Jessica Simpsons
Sweater vest: JcPenny
Choker: Discovery
Earrings: Hair Store