Everyday is a fashion show.....

and the world is your runway. -CoCo Chanel-

I was literally at a home going service for a dear friend of mine and the family asked us to wear all white. Of course I didn't have all white, however, I did find cream. That's close enough right! I decided to wear this dress that I turned..... into a skirt (so my "skirt" is actually a dress) and pair it with a lace top, threw on an undershirt and my outfit was almost complete. I needed something to make this outfit pop, so I threw on this statement piece that I had in my possession since last year September. Never really knew how I was going to wear it, and it finally came to me. I wanted to wear loud color sandals but, decided not to because of the occasion. So I toned it down with these Jessica Simpson sandals to complete this look. At first, I wasn't going to take the picture but I said, "WHY NOT"!!! I decided to seize the opportunity and made that day my runway despite of the situation. No matter what your circumstances may be, choose to rock the runway at ease. No Pressure!


Skirt: Agaci

Top: Rainbow

Undershirt: Forever 21

Accessory: DNecessities (follow her on Instagram)

Shoes:  Jessica Simpons