Use what you already have!!!!


To to be fashionable doesn't necessarily mean that you have to follow the latest trends. Sometimes you can used the very items that you already have to create something new...

Let's start with my hair which is about a month old. Lol! It's  about time that it comes out, however just by simply pulling my curls out to make more of a wild look, transformed what it looked like from before. Right now, my hair has life. My shirt....super old. I'm actually in a season in my life where I'm getting ready to give away a lot of my clothes away. This shirt was one of the ones that made it to that pile. Before it made it there, I thought I'd wear it one last time. Pants are completely new. I got these from forever 21, which is one of my favorite go to stores. Shoes, were a gift from a friend. So thankful for you Karen Johnson! Then throw on some I wore gold, however, don't be afraid to mix and match accessory pieces. Well,  I hope you enjoy this look. Until next time! 😘


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