"The Swan Jumpsuit"

Jumpsuits are the easiest and most comfortable clothes to wear. Literally, all you do is throw it on, but it has to be the right jumpsuit that's suitable for your body type. Here I am wearing a jumpsuit from the KOK Couture collection which I love. The material is chic and very soft against my skin. The v-cut to the jumpsuit is much lower. I decided to pin it because I was coming from church (can't let all the goods hang out). I also decided to pair this jumpsuit with a blazer, for a more conservative look. I love that I can spark different emotions through this jumpsuit. I can go from being modest to being a little more sensual look.

Every woman should have a least one jumpsuit in their collection. If you don't, you should definitely add it. Ill post the link below. Tell me what you think about this look.


                           Dress Link: http://www.kokcouture.com/store/p60/Swan_Jumpsuit.html

                           Shoes: Agaci

                           Earrings: Agaci

                           Choker:  Aldo

                           Blazer: Thrift Store



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