Mixing & Matching your Olds

I've worn every last item that is on me before. You'll catch them in previous post and maybe you've even seen me in person with them on. Society puts a lot of pressure on people in a sense where you can repeat a clothing item. Ummmmmm......I've spent my hard earn money, you better believe that I'm going to wear this again. Just not the EXACT way. I've always like by separates (t-shirts, shirts, pants, jeans, etc...) for the simple fact that you can always mix and match with other items. You NEVER have to wear that same shirt the same way. 


Socks found in Forever Moi post: https://www.wearitandownit.com/blog/2017/5/forever-moi

Shoes: https://www.wearitandownit.com/blog/2017/03/icon

Skirt: I've had in my closet for years (I got this from Discovery Clothing

Choker: Agaci 

Shirt: Forever 21




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