Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July!!!

On this day we celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence that we gained 241 years ago (July 4, 1776). The Fourth is a day to celebrate the God-given gift of being blessed to be in this country. I know America is not what it's all cracked up to be, but it sure is better than most places. My parents came from Haiti to this country to make a better way for their lives and this country provided that. Despite the segregation that Blacks fought to receive, despite the odds that were against us we still were able to RISE above as a nation.

To me, the Fourth of July is such a heart felt day. Just knowing that someone was willing to risk their life for me to have FREEDOM is beyond me. As we celebrate today, remember the ones who fought for us to even get here, think about the millions of people who don't have the same opportunities that we have, think about how blessed you are, and last but not least, think about how you can help make a difference of changing the views of others. UNITED WE STAND!!!!

"Lets Talk Fashion"

I chose to wear BLACK in this post because I wanted to mourn those who risk their lives on the battle field. BLACK is considered to be an authoritative color. It evokes strong emotions and too much of it can also be dangerous. Too much of this color can also be an indicator that a person is dealing with something such as depression, mourning the death of a loved one, being secretive, and etc..... But to most people, BLACK represents power, sophistication, elegance, formality, mystery, and the unknown.

When I wore this outfit a lot of people thought that I had on a dress BUT its NOT!!! This is a shirt and a skirt that I decide to put together and it turned out to be so elegant. When i threw this together. I wore all pieces in blog post "Thou Shall" (skirt) and "Out with the 20's in with the 30'S" (shirt).

Let me know what you think? Feel free to comment below!

Love you guys and HAPPY 4TH!!!


Shirt: Edge Look

Skirt: Forever 21

Neckpiece: Discovery Clothing Store

Shoes: Discovery Clothing Store