Embrace style!

Often times we as women try to embrace the style of others instead of discovering your inner style. We try to duplicate, imitate and never really try to understand our own sense of style.

Fashion whether you like it or not, is apart of who we are. You have to cover up some way, somehow! No one is walking around here naked!!! LOL! It's up to you to know if you want to be fashionable or if you just want to be plane Jane.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with embracing the style of others, but try to add your own taste to it. I'm a lover for inspiration. I find inspiration in pretty much  anything. But when you duplicate, don't forget to switch it up. Wear it in a different way. Add your own style to it, because its about about who you are to begin with. Does your style ultimately match you! 


Vest: Target

Dress: Forever 21

Sandals: Jessica Simpsons: Gift

Choker: Discovery

Earrings: Discovery